getting to know deligreens and its products

“DELIGREENS” was founded in 2019 with the aim of producing “microgreens”. The production methods used follow the principles of consumer and environmental protection. In addition, the use of pesticides, as well as any other chemical substance, is PROHIBITED for the company.

The plants grow exclusively with the use of special type lighting (LED) in a controlled environment having a high photosynthetic efficiency.

This specific method of production significantly reduces the risk of possible plant disease compared to conventional crops as the production takes place in a protected area, with constant temperatures throughout the year. This fact ensures stable production and consequently a safe working environment for the company’s customers.

The company decided to start its own production of microgreens in its privately owned building facilities in Kavalari, Thessaloniki. The area was equipped with modern technological means, which without the use of chemicals will be able to sterilize the plant cultivation area after each production cycle.

Also, as part of its proper operation, the company has cooperation with accredited chemical laboratories, where samples are sent for analysis to check the content of nutrients and for quality control. The purpose is to achieve the best possible and quality result for consumers, which is a priority for our company.